4 Benefits of Promotional Umbrellas

Many companies are starting to use the umbrella as a marketing product. They are relatively inexpensive, easily branded, and a practical item that continues to be used throughout the rainy season. Here are a few of the major benefits of using promotional umbrellas

Large print area

Whether it is the mini or golf umbrella, there is plenty of space to add a company’s name, logo, or marketing message. The design options are wide-ranging with the choice to use a single panel for printing a logo or create the vibrant artwork that takes up the full top surface. However, there is often a fine line with the design process. A company wants to avoid being too garish or over using vibrant colors because this will put a lot of people off using the umbrella. A simple design is often the most effective to bring in the most regular users. Plus, there is also the option to print a logo on the handle or protective case for the more discrete branding.

Great ROI

Umbrellas are an attractive option as a marketing product because they have a practical use and likely to see regularly use in any region that typically gets a lot of rain. This repeated use means a branded message is often on display and potentially seen by many thousands of passing people in its lifetime. Also, there are several types of umbrellas to match the budget. A small budget is enough to get started with the mini umbrellas while a larger budget is needed for the more expensive golf umbrellas.

Huge exposure

Large and over-sized umbrellas are a practical gift idea for corporate events and sporting events because they have very large audiences to ensure a company name or logo is by many people. Also, the everyday umbrellas will be seen by hundreds of people who are commuting to work or simply walking through a busy town center.


The high-quality umbrellas that are built to last in stormy weather have the ability to continue working even if blown inside out. Any decent umbrella with fiberglass ribs will let the canopy revert back to its original position without breaking. Also, the strong and reliable build will give a positive and lasting impression of a company. It it usually worth investing a little extra in the decent quality umbrellas for marketing purposes because they will be strong enough to stand the test of time and have the potential to last for years.

Enjoy Great Brand Exposure With Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are one of the most effective options to achieve high visibility and create brand exposure for your message. There is an endless list of products that can be used for promotional purposes, but the large open size of an umbrella is difficult to overlook compared to small items, such as the custom pens. The umbrella is easily styled with colorful and vibrant panel designs that can really make it stand out. However, there is also the option to create the more discreet branding design, which can make the item more appealing to the wider audience.

The most cost-effective and successful products used in marketing are those that have the potential to be used for the long-term and clearly display the intended logo or message. Also, the functional umbrella is available in many shapes and sizes, including the high-end fashion items, golf umbrellas, and convenient telescopic umbrellas.

Here are a few of the umbrella variations that make the useful marketing tool:


The most popular type of umbrella is the mini range for its convenient and portable size. This type of umbrella can vary in style from the traditional wooden crooked handle to the latest automatic opening. There is certain to be a mini umbrella to match the style or fashion needs of everyone. This umbrella is a relatively low-cost investment for marketing purposes, and the branded unit is certain to help get a company name or logo seen by the widest audience.


The storm-proof umbrellas are a practical option for the company willing to invest a little extra to give customers a lasting impression. They are a lot more dependable in the stormy conditions and won’t simply blow inside out when the weather gets a bit windy. Also, the strong and reliable umbrellas are certain to be used that much longer by customers to give the best return on the original investment.


The city-walker umbrellas are a perfect choice for everyday urban use or city executives in need of the most practical option to match their lifestyle. This umbrella can be very high-end and customized in several different ways. In addition to creating the unique design for the canopy, there is also the option to make more discreet changes, such as adjusting the color of the ribs, handle and frame to match a company’s brand.

Overall, there is a wide range of umbrellas that can easily be branded with a company name or logo to provide a very reliable and budget-friendly marketing tool.

Why Promotional Umbrellas Are Great Marketing Tools

Many of the most successful marketing techniques rely on a pattern of repetition. This involves items that are regularly in use such as the umbrella which make a practical tool on the wet and windy days. The promotional products industry continues to grow with the latest figures showing that nearly $19.8 billion is spent on this type of marketing on an annual basis. Any item marked with a company logo or message will continue to advertise your brand or product and gives the opportunity to reach an entirely different audience every time it is used.

It can be a lot more cost-effective to get your message out to a local audience using one of the many promotional products compared to the high cost of TV advertising. Also, there are cheaper marketing options like the newspaper ads and flyers, but they typically have a very short lifespan.

The branded umbrellas are a simple, yet effective marketing tool that not only promotes a business for the long-term, but also able to create new sales and build customer loyalty.

Here are a few of the best umbrellas to use as a marketing tool:

Golf – a great benefit of using the golf umbrellas is the very spacious canopy area that gives plenty of room to add a brand, logo, or message. A vibrant and colorful umbrella has the ability to offer a high visibility billboard that is easily seen on the golf course, but also when used for other recreational activities or pastimes.

Mini – the mini umbrellas are a very convenient option and give a high level of portability to take anywhere on the travels. The increased portability of these umbrellas means they will be used and carried around more often and likely to get a marketing message out to the wider audience. Also, this type of umbrella typically has a protective case which can further be used to add a company name or logo.

Beach – a great marketing tool for the outdoor events is the beach umbrella. They have the largest canopy to create the unique and stylish designs. Whether it is to publicize a business event, drive a special sale, or launch a new product line, this umbrella is a great way to let more people know what is happening at your company.

Antiwind – a high-quality umbrella has the ability to leave a lasting impression with the recipient. The antiwind umbrellas are among the strongest and certain to offer a long-lasting tool to market the brand.