Driveway Alert System to Protect Your Home When on Vacation

You may already have had a professional alarm system installed in your home and that has given you a modicum of feeling secure when you are asleep or away for a day or a week. The truth is that the alarm only sounds or calls the security company if the burglar or home invasion criminals have already breached your home by opening a window or breaking down your door.

Here is a suggestion – Install another layer or tier of protection by installing a driveway alert or what is called a driveway alarm system. There are many version and levels of advanced features that these home security packages offer – They can be as simple as a chime sounding in your home when a sensor finds movement in your driveway or with a larger investment you create a solid invisible perimeter completely encompassing your entire home / acreage.

By installing a multi-zoned wireless driveway alarm you have the added protection of knowing when someone is coming over your backyard fence or from the side as well as pedestrians or vehicles driving up to your home. In addition you can make a sub perimeter around your swimming pool to help prevent small children falling in and drowning.

Some advance options include relays that you can attach flood-lighting that will light up the complete circumference of your house – letting the criminal know his or her presence has been detected. You can also add equipment like police type strobe lights to really scare the hooey out of unwanted home invaders or nocturnal thieves. They do not want the attention and will leave just as quickly as they appeared.

CCTV or Closed Circuit TV can be installed and tripped when any motion outside your home activates the driveway alert. This can be very helpful when calling the police to report any illegal action and they can playback the video to see who the criminal suspect is that they will be looking for in the future.

Text Messaging or SMS is also an available option of some of the higher end wireless driveway alarm systems. This is where it really comes in hand while you are away – You can even have a still photo from your security camera messaged to your cell phone when the alarm is activated. Granted these type of features are going to be on the high end of the price range – but what a great security tool to thwart these criminal idiots who are trying to take your hard earned property.

Remote audio alerts are one last option that these monitors have as an option – This allows you to carry a small wireless device around with you that will sound when the perimeter is physically violated. You can give this device to your neighbor while you are away on vacation so they can help keep an eye on your home.

Emailing you and a family member is also possible as well – this is a also a good way to log every occurrence of the driveway alert being set off and can reveal patterns of people coming on to your property so you can see the anomalies and figure out who or what is out there in the middle of the night – It could be kids vandalizing or tagging that you need to catch and since people are creatures of habit this is an invaluable tool.

Safety Tips For You And Your Family While Traveling For A Vacation

Family holiday is something to be cherished for the rest of your life. So you have to make sure that everything should be well planned, to make the best out of your vacation. That’s always the perfect time for you and your family to visit someplace new, try fascinating things, and be far-away from the routine of home for at least a couple of days. But travelling with your kids no matter how fun it sounds won’t be that simple. You definitely would want your holiday to become significant. This article will give you travel tips for vacationing with your family whether you are going overseas or staying close to home. These tips will help you prepare yourself for unexpected worries and problems that may arise during your trip.

The first thing you should always consider before leaving is to notify your medical care insurance company. This won’t be too much of a problem to if you plan to have a vacation close to home, but if not, it would be advisable if you ask your insurance provider whether or not you would still be protected. Every insurance provider has different policies and there are some who are very strict when it comes to going away from your home. Be knowledgeable enough with their policies most especially about travelling abroad in case one of your families would need medical attention during your vacation.

Next would be to ensure that you have lots of things for your kids to accomplish. Take note that kids get easily bored during long travels, so to avoid any complications and crying along the way, bring along stuffs that your kids will love to play with such as their iPod, video players, video games, etc.

Aside from the list above, you may also want to check your mobile phone for coverage to make sure that you can still have open communication with your relatives while travelling. Ask your service provider about the need for international call coverage, there are some services in where you still need to sign up for international calling only for the days you’re touring. You might have to sign up for international calling only for the month you’re touring. This is one of the most important reminders you must not forget before you travel, this is not only useful in case of emergency but you will also have the ability to call each other in case any of you would be separated.

And lastly, always keep in touch and stay together at all times even during break time, as well as don’t ever allow your teenagers to travel out alone in the evening for plain and simple reason, it’s too dangerous for a nation you are not familiar with. In addition, it would be preferable to travel to countries which have an excellent relationship with your country most especially you have your family with you. And remember to always make sure that you know where your country’s embassy is so you can always ask for help or guidance whenever you felt your safety is being questioned.

Protect Your Baby at Home

We tend to worry endlessly about how to protect our kids from big things in life, things like child abuse, kidnapping, getting lost etc…

This natural behaviour can lead to overlooking smaller objects that can be as hazardous as the big things and lead to their safety concerns and well being.

Approximately one-third of all accidents occur at home, in the US, home is the second most common location of unintentional fatal injuries. Three children die as the result of home accidents every week, those most at risk from a home accident are children under four without supervision by adults, whilst the highest number of injuries are due to fire related incidents.

We are talking about simple things, like children fall down the stairs, running while holding sharp objects, falling out of bed, pointy table corners, fingers being caught in drawers or kitchen cabinet doors, power point, hot stove, the list goes on and on.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes before you think about aspects of safety. With thoughtful planning and a little safety equipment, you’ll be prepared when your baby is ready to wonder around.

So what do we do about it? Well, childproofing gadgets are flooding the market and the Internet, the possibilities are endless.

The most important safety method is always going to be your supervision. no matter how well equipped you are, you still need to keep a constant eye for possible dangers and always take your baby with you when you answer the door or telephone, it only takes seconds for a disaster to happen.

Things you can improve around your home

Put safety covers in all unused electrical outlets, ensuring switches off position.

Attach cushioned corner-and-edge protectors to the sharp corners of coffee tables and desks.

Consider the potential hazard of anything you drop into the bin. If you’re using it to discard batteries, paper clips, plastic bags, or other dangerous items, place it out of reach, or in a cupboard which your child cannot open.

Keep pens, scissors, letter openers, staplers, paper clips, and other sharp instruments in locked drawers.

Domestic fires pose one of the greatest risks to children, children playing with matches and lighters frequently start house fires.

Avoid curtains and blinds with cords – hanging cords could result in strangulation. If you do have them, tie cords high up, out of your child’s reach.

Never leave things lying on the stairs which could cause someone to trip up. Stairs should be carefully maintained – damaged or worn carpet should be repaired or removed.

Hide lamp and appliance cords behind heavy furniture or conceal them with a special “flex holder” device. Tall lamps might topple over if your baby pulls on them, so anchor them safely behind furniture.